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    Written by: Christos Gage & Chris Ryall Illustrated by: David Messina ComicWow! Rating 8 out of 10   In another galaxy, the Knights of the Solstar Order serve as defenders of truth and justice. They have been ambushed, though, by evil ...
  • Posted by ComicWow! - Fri at 5:03 PM
    All-New Digital First Prequel Comic Set to Debut in 2017 Ahead of Injustice 2 Videogame   DC Entertainment announced today during the Injustice 2 panel at Comic-Con International: San Diego that acclaimed writer Tom Taylor is ...
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    Written by: Justin Jordan & Keith Davidsen Illustrated by: Colton Worley & Cezar Razek ComicWow! Rating 8 out of 10   Ernie and Smiley are driving along, singing to their music, and having a good time. A prophecy of sorts interrupts ...
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    September 2016 On-Sale in stores   Roddenberry fans and those of comic book veteran Phil Hester rejoice! The long awaited third installment of the Days Missing saga,DAYS MISSING: ENOX, is officially being released this fall. It's been over five ...
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    New Batman/TMNT Adventures and Star TrekTM/Green Lantern Crossovers Forthcoming IDW Publishing and DC Entertainment will continue their successful editorial mash-ups and bring fans two new comic book crossovers based on some of their most popular ...
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    Celebrating “King” Kirby’s Centennial Birthday Year with Historic Launch in 2017 January 2017 will see the release of Jack Kirby’s Fantastic Four Artist’s Edition, collecting multiple complete stories, all captured ...
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    Written by: R.J. Ryan Illustrated by: David Marquez ComicWow! Rating 8 out of 10   In 2062, George Joyner is attempting to revolutionize the way humans live. Once his business gets some success, though, his marriage loses it. Sonya, his wife, ...
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            SUPERGIRL: REBIRTH #1- On sale August 17   Supergirl turns to the shadowy organization known as the D.E.O. (Department of Extranormal Operations) to restore her lost powers once and for all! But as a fateful ...

Marvel, Game of Thrones Cosplay Featured on Day 3 of SDCC

July 24, 2016, 8:01:59 am
Cersei, Thor, and Loki are just some of the standouts in today's cosplay highlight from SDCC.

The Joker Is Going To Hurt You Really, Really Bad In One Of Eight Awesome New Clips From SUICIDE SQUAD

July 24, 2016, 5:30:00 am
Clearly not content with just revealing that awesome extended final trailer earlier today, Warner Bros. has now unleashed seven brand new clips from Suicide Squad. These focus on a variety of characters at various points in the movie, shedding some light on Deadshot's past as an assassin and how Task Force X was brought together (and how they interact, something which looks set to be great fun here). Other than a few clips from chat shows and the like, this is probably going to be ...

JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer - Ten Things You Missed

July 24, 2016, 4:44:00 am
Check out all the Easter Eggs, References, Things Missed, as well as a closer look at all the main players from the first Justice League trailer debuted at Comic Con 2016. And be sure to subscribe to Mr Sunday's YouTube channel, youtube.com/mrsundaymovies. If you want.  No pressure.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Takes the MCU Into Puberty

July 24, 2016, 4:32:02 am
We?ve seen footage from Marvel Studios? first solo wallcrawler movie!

2 More Thor: Ragnarok Villains Reveal

July 24, 2016, 4:08:21 am
We saw some proof of concept video and art from the now-filming sequel.

What We Saw from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at SDCC

July 24, 2016, 4:01:40 am
The Marvel sequel looks like it will recapture the magic of the original bunch of a?holes.

Joss Whedon Would Direct A Black Widow Film

July 24, 2016, 3:44:08 am
When Joss Whedonfinished up with Avengers: Age of Ultron he was done, need time away from superheroes… you know, he was tired. Turns out that if someone *cough* Kevin Feige *cough* asked him if he wanted to direct a Black Widow solo movie, he would say yes… or as he put it “Duh”. Whedon told... Read more » Joss Whedon Would Direct A Black Widow Film

Get Your First Look At Harley Quinn's Jester Outfit Through New SUICIDE SQUAD B-Roll Footage

July 24, 2016, 3:43:00 am
Back when the first few trailers for David Ayer's Suicide Squad were released, some eagle-eyed fans managed to spot what looked to be Harley Quinn's (Margot Robbie) iconic jester outfit. It seemed as though the fans were grasping at straws, but that all changed when Margot Robbie revealed that she had tried on a variation of the Harley jester outfit at the beginning of the film's production. Well, it looks like those fans were right. New Suicide Squad B-roll footage has ma ...

SDCC: New Marvel Studios Logo and Opening Fanfare Revealed

July 24, 2016, 3:40:23 am
Marvel Studios films will open up in a whole new way starting with "Doctor Strange," with a new logo and a new opening fanfare.

First Look: Disneyland's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Ride Concept Art

July 24, 2016, 3:28:29 am
No, you don't need that guy's arm to get the ride working.